I finally went out again to shoot some pictures!

Thinks are looking up of late for me so I concluded that I had to make good use of that fact and duck up my camera and lenses once again! After just a 15 minutes walk from my house I reached the many meters high and many kilometres long dyke that protects our house and most of the south-west of Holland from flooding and was just in time to take some pictures of birds settling down for the night in the stunning setting sun! Some turned out so nice that I decided to share them with you all and I hope you like them as much as I do?!
Hans van Meer.

I will be posting some more Bonsai stories here soon as well as on YouTube! So keep watching this space!
Hans van Meer.

Some winter work.

Hi everybody! It has been a while, I know! But a lot has happened healthwise during the last months so I did not get much work don! Don’t get me wrong though I kept my baby’s healthy and happy! But styling work was kept to a minimum during that time! But things are finally looking up lately and I started to do some more styling work and a lot of hard pruning and wiring! It is a pleasure to see that my Prunus mahaleb trees are starting to look better and better and it is time to start hunting for some nice pots for them at the next Trophy in Belgium!

I got my inspiration for this first Prunus mahaleb from the very old Linden tree that I saw in front of the famous cave castle Predjama in the Slovenia village of Postojna!

Did you know that according to legend a bold robber knight named Erasmus once lived in Predjama Castle?
After quarrelling with Emperor Frederick III of Austria, Erasmus held out for more than a year against a besieging army, until he was betrayed by one of his own servants, who lit a candle in the window of Erasmus’s bedroom. This was a signal to his enemies, who then bombarded him with stone cannonballs. 
Erasmus’s grieving sweetheart is said to have buried his body in the centre of the village, outside the church dedicated to Our Lady of Sorrows, and to have planted a linden over his grave. The tree still stands there today, identifiable by its venerable age and hollow trunk.

So I created this Prunus as a remembrance of all my trips to wonderful Slovenia, my dear Slovenian friends and Erasmus amazing Linden tree ! All branches are new and almost all deadwood is natural! I hope you like where I am going with it?!

The second Prunus is one of my favourites with all its natural scorched deadwood running from her top right down to that right (future) cascading bottom branch! Again I chose for a natural look for this tree to honour its natural beauty!

I think that I have to let a natural-looking fitting pot be made for this unique tree! I think it will look pretty amazing in the future with more fin ramification on its branches!

This third more massive Yamadori Prunus has a story of its own! The (red) left side was air-layered in May 2016 and separated successfully just a few months later!

That stunning (Yellow) left side new Literati tree full of amazing deadwood was given to my dear friend Tony Tickly when he visited my garden in February 2018, for everything that he has done for me during the last almost 3 decades.

The right (Red) side stayed with me and looks like this after completely wiring it last week.

All but tree branches are new and need a few years more of thickening and ramification! The new top needs to thicken a lot more and will then be shortened considerably and the deadwood one the left and along the top trunk needs more refinement! But nevertheless, I am really happy and excited about her progress in such a short time! And it is strange to realise that half of her now lives happily in the U.K.

This Chinese Ulmus parvifolia has been part of our household for as long as I am doing Bonsai and that is almost 30 years now! Over this long time, she has developed a truly amazing root base and stunning flaky bark and breathtaking ramification! She is really easy to maintain and I can recommend this species to Bonsai enthusiasts from all levels! She has even been shown in the prestigious Noelanders trophy in Belgium! I think she looks amazing with her golden-yellow foliage!

And the last picture is of my 44cm/17.6Inch high Yamadori Hawthorn Crataegus monogyna. It was collected at the beginning of 2007 in Walles and in early 2008 I started with removing all branches, leaving not much more than a bare skeleton! That naked almost perfect moyogi shape allowed me to create a Japanese style deciduous Bonsai of which there are not that many in existence that I know of?! Posting this next picture and my planes on the online Bonsai forums, there were many replies that Hawthorns are not suitable to use because they are notoriously difficult to creat the necessary ramification, especially on such a small tree…well I think I prove them wrong?! Hawthorns are the perfect candidates for all styles and sizes of deciduous Bonsai!

Early 2008 a year after collecting. The yellow line shows the future plan and what needs to be removed!
A few hours later and the beginning of my Hawthorn Moyogi!
May 2018.
December 2019 in a custom made pot by dear friend John Pitt.

I hope you all enjoyed this little impression of the work I did the last couple of weeks and I promise to post some more of my work soon here on my blog as well as on my Hans Karamotto youtube channel! Happy holidays everybody!!!

Hans van Meer.

New picture of my old Yamadori Blackthorn

Hi everybody,
it must have been some 20 years ago that my dear old English friend Terry Foster gave me as a gift the even then old Yamadori Blackthorn from this story. I cultivated and trained this small beauty for many years as a small 25 cm Moyogi but I was always disappointed that the natural Shari/deadwood was hidden on the back of the tree and that there was an obvious reverse taper at the base!

Here she is still styled as a Moyogi.

And with beautiful flowers.

And then some 8 years ago I got a brave idea to turn her around! That meant that I had to cut off a major branch and rearrange most of the existing branches!

This is the drawing that I made of my plan.
Just look at that amazing natural Shari/deadwood!
Red arrow points at the twisted Nebari/roots.

Red arrow points at the branch that needs to be removed leaving a small Jin. This will create together with the new planting angle movement to the left and an image of a wind-battered tree!

Cutting that beautiful but unwanted branch!
Sometimes you have to be brave!
Red arrow: this thick root will be cut right back to the Yellow arrow!
May 2012 in its new American? pot!
Oktober 2019. And this is how she looks today! Covered with berries and looking just how I had hoped for! I hope you like her as much as we do?!

I promise to post some more soon so watch this space! In the meanwhile, you can watch my two latest videos on YouTube!


Hans van Meer.

Hans van Meer.

The Compleat restyling of several of my Mugo Yamadori is filmed and will soon be posted on my YouTube Bonsai channel.

Hi, everybody,
it has been a while…I know! But I have been really busy restyling several of my older Mugo Yamadori completely and I first styled a rother unique large cascading Mugo that I collected with my Slovenian friends 5 years ago and I documented it all and will post it as soon as the last footage is shot and edited on to my YouTube Bonsai channel!!! So watch this space!!! So CU all soon!!!
Here is a sneak teaser of “BIG RON” with his completely new backside!!!

“BIG RON” his new backside.


Hans van Meer.

Just posted on to my YouTub channel : Best of 20 Years “TROPHY” 2019. Part II.

Hi everybody,

just to let you all now that I just posted Part II of the video coverage that I shot at the Best of 20 Years “TROPHY” on to my YouTub channel!!!

I would like to use this oppotunity to thank all the vollenteers of the B.A.B. for tacking so good care of us and our baby’s! CU next year!


Hans van Meer.

So now and here we start all over again!!!

Hi everybody,

yes, I know it is all a bit confusing me changing between my old and this my new blog! But I was pretty glad that I kept this one running after the old blog that was kindly provided and run for me by the KoB (Knowledge of Bonsai) Forum became unreachable and appears to be hacked?! And I can’t seem to get anybody to respond from there through their website that is still running…but no reply?! Luckily I had a WordPress XML file made of all the content of my old blog when it reappeared the first time it went of air for months! So after some surfing on the web to find out just how to get this huge file on to my new blog and would you believe…I managed to do it…without breaking anything!🥂🍾👏 Mind you though, I still have to organize everything so that my storeys are easy to find for everybody! I do realize that it will take many months before my old visitors will all have found this new location! But I have stories to tell and can’t wait any longer! So I will be back soon with the story of my Big Larch” the Elephant” trip to the amazing 20Th edition of the TROPHY in Belgium! So watch this space and forgive me for the work that is going on meanwhile!


Hans van Meer.