Removing rotten roots wood from my Mugo pine (Big Ron).

Today was a weird Bonsai day, to say the least! Because most of it was spent removing with long tweezers and a small chisel the completely rotten wood from Big Ron’s underground deadwood section! And then filled those deep holes that were left with a coarse hard soil mix so that in the future new roots can grow fast and all excess water can run out of the pot away from all that buried deadwood! Why and how did this happen you might ask? Well, during his long life somewhere high on a mountainside in Italy he has grown a very solid base! But during the many passing years, somehow those firm base roots were covered with a layer of shifting soil, rocks and dead vegetation! And that made that “Big Ron” created higher up his trunk new secondary roots on that new soil level and that took probably many decennia to get to this big as they are now! The now completely buried old roots started to rot away over the many decades until they finally completely turned into powder! Later the dead right and back side of the tree turned over many decades into completely hollowed-out deadwood that makes this old Mugo so special! Bud decay is still going on as we speak so the priceless deadwood needs permanent protection in the form of impregnating it completely with a commercial wood hardener for the hole hollow inside parts and commercial super glue for the more visual outside Jins and Shari! But before all this: all the deadwood needs to be bleached with Limesulfer+ashes+water in different shades of greyish whites!

Below: That mount of wood dust came out of that large hole and is all that is left of a large dead and completely rotten away root!

Below: The hollow trunk and the hole in the ground as seen from the right side.

Below: That same hole filled with a midsized soil mixture so that new roots can grow fast!

Below: The backside hole is also filled up. Now the roots can feed, grow and fill those two large holes with healthy useful roots again!

Now I have to clean that pot…but that is a whole other story…pppfffff!💨💨


Hans van Meer.

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