So now and here we start all over again!!!

Hi everybody,

yes, I know it is all a bit confusing for me to change between my old and this my new blog! But I was pretty glad that I kept this one running after the old blog that was kindly provided and run for me by the KoB (Knowledge of Bonsai) Forum became unreachable and appears to be hacked?! And I can’t seem to get anybody to respond from there through their website that is still running…but no reply?! Luckily I had a WordPress XML file made of all the content of my old blog when it reappeared the first time it went off the air for months! So after some surfing on the web to find out just how to get this huge file onto my new blog and would you believe…I managed to do it…without breaking anything!🥂🍾👏 Mind you though, I still have to organize everything so that my storeys are easy to find for everybody! I do realize that it will take many months before my old visitors will all have found this new location! But I have stories to tell and can’t wait any longer! So I will be back soon with the story of my Big Larch” the Elephant” trip to the amazing 20Th edition of the TROPHY in Belgium! So watch this space and forgive me for the work that is going on meanwhile!


Hans van Meer.

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