My Pinus sylvestris cascade is coming along nicely!

Below: This feminine slender sylvestris that I collected in 2012 with my dear Slovenian friend on my first visit to their beautiful country. It was growing and hanging on for dear life on the very edge of a shifting sandy hill! I had to tippy-toe and work above my head to be able to free her from her place of birth and doom! And now 10 years later she has already become one of my favourite designs! She is so unconventional feminal elegant and yet showing the struggle of her mountain life through her flaky bark, Shari, Jin and strong Nebari (roots) that cling on for dear life! Now starts the hunt for a nice elegant crescent-shaped rock-like pot!


Hans van Meer.

2 thoughts on “My Pinus sylvestris cascade is coming along nicely!”

  1. Ik ben erg onder de indruk van deze bonsai en al helemaal van de combinatie plant en pot; helemaal super!

    (een van je leerlingen in het bibliotheekzaaltje van het bejaardencentrum, die de bijeenkomsten daar erg mist)


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