Two pictures of my Shohin Bonsai.

Hi everybody,

now that the worthless 2017 Summer has come to a rainy end, I have been doing a lot of maintenance on my Bonsai! Removing were necessary wire, weeds, fertilizer and brown leaves. While doing that I saw two of my old Sho-hin smiling at me…so I had to make some pictures to show to you all! These two have been with me for over two decades now and keep on looking better and better as the years go by! The first one is a Prunus spinosa Yamadori from the UK that was given to me by Tony Tickle all those years ago. It was first for many years styled by me as a Moyo-gi, but after a decade I saw something better in it and cut off most of the old branches on the right side to style a more suitable and natural image! And now after another decade or so it has more or less arrived at the image that I had foreseen all those years ago! It looks so natural now and very appealing with all those berries still on it! 

Prunus spinosa Yamadori (UK) Sho-hin.

The second Sho-hin is a Punica granatum Yamadori from France. This little gem is even longer with me and has, slowly but steady, matured enormously during that time! It really looks like a proper tree now with mature branches and really amazing roots for such a small Bonsai! The beautiful pot is by John Pitt (UK).

Punica granatum Yamadori (France) Sho-hin.   Pot John Pitt (UK).

I hope you enjoy these pictures?!


Hans van Meer.



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