Part II of the story of the “Elephant” my big Yamadori Larch Bonsai is online!

Hi, everybody!

Finally, after trying it in vain for more than a week, I managed to post the last of only two saved copies of the originally produced video! I was finally able to do it with NCH VideoPad…this was the sixth one I had downloaded to solve this problem! The first program Cyberlink power director 12 that came with my computer had all kinds of for me unsolvable problems and crashed several times! And one of the 2 copies of the original finished video that I could save from them capt on showing up flipped after posting it on youtube?! Even after flipping it over with a downloaded program it still showed up wrong?! No help could be found on or from youtube…so I was glad that I was finally able to post this second copy with the help of VideoPad!!! Although the sound on this only left good version is not too good, I still hope that it is enjoyable for the Bonsai lovers out there?! It brought me a lot of headaches and frustrations …bud it thought me to only work with good devices and programs and most of all: SAFE MORE THAN ONE COPY !!!

More videos will be uploaded soon (if all goes well that is)! 😉


Hans van Meer.

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