Part I of the story of “the Elephant” my big Yamadori Larch is online.

Hi, everybody,

I am happy and relieved to tell you all that last night I finally posted Part I of the story of “the Elephant” onto YouTube! It took me 6 days and late at night to do it right…but I finally was happy enough with the result to post it!!! It took me this long because I had to go through many hundreds of pictures on 2 computers and 3 external hard drives to find the best ones! Then I had to improve most of them to finally be able to load them from my old computer onto my new computer, where I had to make a film of them with a for me totally new and unknown program named: CyberLink PowerDirector…..and that was not that easy…to say the least!!! It has been some years since I cursed that much!!! 😉 But I have to say that the final result is very satisfying…so I hope you like it too?! Tonight I will start to work on Part II which is all video and covers the massive repotting I did this spring, when after living for 10 years in a wooden box, “the Elephant” was finally planted in its first real Bonsai pot! I hope to upload that in a week or so?! For now, I hope you enjoy this first part?!


Hans van Meer.

3 thoughts on “Part I of the story of “the Elephant” my big Yamadori Larch is online.”

    1. Hi Brian! I am glad you like it and you are more than welcome! Part II of the story of the Elephant has been uploaded to you tube! I hope you will enjoy that as well?!
      Hans van Meer.


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