Approuch graft on my Prunus mahaleb Yamadori.

Hi, everybody,

it has been a while …I know! But believe me, a lot has happened in my normal and in my, Bonsai life! I have over 60 trees to take care of in a very limited and crowded garden space (10 x 5 meters) and that makes it very hard to get around and to work on them! And taking decent pictures of it all, or these days videos is even harder to do! I am proud to say that in my normal life I have spent the last 6 mounts successfully detoxifying from 10 years of heavy neuropathic pain medication and 20+ years of antidepressant medication! And by cutting down on sugar and carbohydrates I have overcome my recently discovered diabetes and lost some 20 kilos! So you see…I have been busy! šŸ˜Ž I am currently finishing the video of my big Yamadori Larch “The story of the Elephant” part I for youtube and it will be posted in a few days! Part I is all pictures and words, simply because I did not have a video camera in those early days! So watch this space! Part II is all video and shows the compleat story of the massive undertaking of repotting it from the big wooden box where it lived for 10 years, and into its first real Bonsai pot! And it shows “the Elephant” later on with new fresh green foliage….doing just fine! I hope to finish and post this part II in the next few weeks?! So again….watch this space!!!!

And what more? I have been busy with my workshop group and that is very fulfilling to do! Not a lot of styling has been done up to now, but I did do a lot of maintenance these last couple of mounts! And I will show some of that later on, but first I want to share some approach grafts that I made on one of my old Yamadori Prunus mahaleb from Slovenia!

Below: Remember this picture showing the marcot (air-layering) that I was planning to make on this big old Prunus mahaleb?! Well, the left bottom branch that you see in this picture grows from just below the stump (red drawing) that was left when it was separated from the rest of the tree. On this, by now thick remaining branch, I made 3 approach grafts to get some new branches closer up to the trunk!

Below: the marcot after separation.

Below: a year later in full bloom.

Below: (red arrows) With an sharp and clean curved chisel I made tiny wounds in both the mother branch and in the small sucker branches that grow from way down low on the trunk. These unwanted sucker branches would normally be removed constantly from anywhere on the trunk. Because they leave behind ugly scars if you let them grow too long….and Prunus mahaleb’s make a lot of them all through the growing season! Sometimes so much that when they just appear, I use my small burner to get rid of them!

Below: (red arrows) left one shows the one that I made first. The right one shows the second one that’s like the first one tight down securely with the help of a tie-wrap and then is sealed with cut paste to prevent drying out!

Below: red arrow points at the third one that I made. Behind that arrow, you can see the big deadwood stump that needs some more shaping!

Now it is waiting for en hoping that they will fuse together properly so that I can create better ramifications in the desired design for this promising future Bonsai. If so, then I can shorten the thick mother branch you can see in the above picture by some 25 cm or more! So fingers crossed! I hope you enjoyed this little update on the life of this old Yamadori?!

The next post is about pruning and pinching my Yew Yamadori Bonsai…so watch this space!


Hans van Meer.


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