Hi, again everybody,

I know it is off-topic…but I have to show you just how special FEYENOORD FANS and people from ROTTERDAM ARE! 150.000 supporters in front of our City Hall that waited since early in the morning and another 50.000+ that were watching it on big screens around the city, gave their heroes and the TROPHY a welcome they will never forget….and neither will we watching it live on the TV!!! Lee Towers sang our anthem “YOU NEVER WALK ALONE” and then 200.000 fans jumped on the booming sounds of happy hardcore, gabber and hardcore another great thing invented in Rotterdam! This was unique in Holland and I do believe that it is unique in the world of sports?! Especially if you realize that Holland is not that big a country!  I hope you enjoy the amazing images and forgive me that it is for once not about Bonsai?!

Thanks for letting me share this unique moment with you! This was a great moment of brotherhood and friendship in these difficult times we live in and I just wanted to share this positive moment with you all!


Hans van Meer.


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