Illness, more bad news and a new start!

Hi, everybody,

it has been a while…again, but this time it was for a good reason! I have been ill for many years now and that kept me more and more from doing Bonsai and living a normal life! After many years of not receiving the proper help from many doctors and so-called specialists, I finally found early this year a special clinic that could provide me with the specialist help that I had been surging for more than a decade! Help and support were finally given and I had new hopes of finally getting my old life and myself back! But then when I was building down an old (wrong ) medicine things went completely wrong and I got critical sick to a point that I had never reached before! It took me 2 months to get through that hell….but then things slowly cleared up and I started to feel better than I had in years! Turned out that the prescripted medication from the so-called specialist, that I had been taking for years, had been making me ill instead of any better. Live suddenly had meaning again and I could see the beauty of living again! But then disaster hit again, when during a checkup because my heart was racing like mad, they discovered that I had diabetes! So on top of everything I have to follow a strict diet now! low carbs and fat and no more sweets, salty snacks, drinks and other shit that made my life pleasant! But on the bright side, I lost 9 kilos since then and I can see my toes again when looking down! And I still feel so much better than only a few months ago and made new plans and for the first time in years started to work again on my neglected babies with pleaser and ideas and a smile on my face! So despite everything, things are finally looking up again! So the first thing to do was remove the long beard that I had let grow when I could not care less anymore about how I looked! And then repotting, styling and maintaining my trees again like I use to do! I AM BACK!!!

24-4-2016 shaving 062 hans van meer 500

24-4-2016 shaving 064 hans van meer 350  24-4-2016 shaving 077 hans van meer 500

More posts will follow shortly!


Hans van Meer.



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