Ginkgo Bonsai Centre “KEI BONSAI KAI” International Bonsai Exhibition

Hi, everybody,

boy o boy do I have great Bonsai news for you all!!!! Just a few weeks ago I received a totally unexpected call from my old Bonsai friend Danny Use (Belgium), who I had not spoken to for way too long (I admit in shame)! He sounded all excited when he asked “what would you think of another “Ginkgo Award” ?????!!!!!!! I said “YES” way too hard, before I asked in disbelief “are you serious?”! We got in contact again only a few months ago after I emailed them the link to a funny Bonsai video, featuring my friend Carlos van der Vaart and me, interviewed and followed around many many years ago while working on Danny’s Bonsai in the old “Ginkgo Bonsai museum”. This video went small-scale viral after I emailed it to Ingrid and she posted it around Belgium! Seeing this old tape brought back a lot of great memories of the friendships and the adventures we all had together in those early days!  And that was just what Danny was planning: trying to revitalise those old times by bringing back some of the people of these early days and letting them show their Bonsai together with the Bonsai of Danny’s Bonsai club/school “Kei Bonsai Kai”! Well, I should have known better and realised that dream follower Danny does not wait long to for fill his wishes and dreams! But still, I was surprised when only yesterday I received the poster of the “Kei Bonsai Kai” Exhibition 2016!!! And look at the names of Bonsai artists from all around Europe that Danny hat invited to show their work along with the Bonsai from his students!!! And then there is Danny’s own amazing private collection in his museum to see and all the Bonsai stuff you ever want to buy in your life on sale in their megastore and much more…….and it’s FREE!!!! You just got to take this opportunity and visit the Ginkgo Bonsai centre and the “Kei Bonsai Kai” Bonsai exhibition! I sure like to C U and all my old friends there on Saturday 28Th of May 2016 (see poster below)!


Hans van Meer.


keibonsaikai 1309449429 kaibonsaikai 4230758597

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