Hi, everybody,

after a very hectic week, I want to show you some last pictures that I forgot to post in the earlier post about “Burrs” 2013, and I don’t want to forget anybody from who I have a nice picture off….?…. Bladie blabbla….it’s late I know! 🙂

Some more sing-along moments for all the people from all around Europe that were there! Unforgettable moments indeed! 🙂

BURRS 2013 087 org 500

Next is an interesting question that was asked by Chris over on the IBC Forum, it could be interesting for others too, so here we go:   

Beautiful lines. I saw you drawing out the tree, do you come up with the design and then sketch, or do you play around with poss. designs while sketching, then deciding upon the final styling?

I answered with:

Here is the drawing that I made on the Saturday evening for Steward. He was working on another off his trees and his amazing (UK) Yamadori Pine stood beside him on the table, I asked him is it OK that I make a design option for your Pine? He said: yes, please! So I grabbed my sketchpad and started to draw the outlines of the tree and the beginning of the main branches that I was planning to use. When those outlines are more or less similar that the actual tree, well then I start to draw the rest of the main branches and than the smaller branches until they are about the length that feels or seems right! Then the bundles of needles are made quickly until the outline of each foliage pad has reached more or less the right outline that feels right. More needles are drawn until everything is more or less in balance to me…that’s it really?! I have found out that by drawing your design onto paper or pc is very helpful to check if it looks all right and possible. And by setting your image with your hands into a drawing you will always remember them! You have created a blueprint in your head with the use of your hands. In this case, the drawing also helps the student to see with his own eyes what you are seeing as a possible future for his tree! This makes it all clearer and easier to understand and helps them to make a well-thought decision about the future of their own trees! And it is a nice souvenir as well! Steward was very happy with the drawing….I was pleasantly surprised that next day he asked me if I please would help him to style his pine! That was a brave decision from him because for my intended design some major branches needed to be cut off or made into a Jin! So that puts a little bit of pressure onto your shoulders…but that feels nice!

Here is the drawing that I made for Steward.

BURRS 2013 073 org 500

Concentrated at work on a very promising Itoigawa pre Bonsai!

BURRS 2013 247 org 500

My friend “Hick ups” 🙂 and Pavel.

BURRS 2013 213 org 500

And finally: how it all started! Early Saturday morning, organizer Tony Tickle introducing us the teachers to 36 ready to go Bonsai lovers! From left to right: Marcio Meruje (Portugal), Pavel Slovak (Czech Republic), Hans van Meer (The Netherlands, Holland), Will Baddeley (UK) and Last but not least Terry Foster (UK).

1461117_10201785064082009_966635543_n 500

And before we knew it, it was all over again! I had a blast and it did me a ton off good to get there in the end! And who knows????


Hans van Meer.


_________________ “I FLY SO HIGH AND FALL SO LOW”

For info about workshop’s and demo’s only:

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