Hi, everybody,

Saturday a week ago I made the 2,5-hour drive to Diepenbeek in Belgium to visit the  “EDA UCHI KAI” Bonsai Club show. The show was staged in two buildings, one for the exhibition, lectures and refreshments and the other one, just a cross the road, for the traders and demonstrations. It would be the first time that I visit this Club’s annual Bonsai show and I had high expectations after seeing pictures off last years edition! Well, I was not disappointed at all, quite the opposite…I was blown away by some of the high-level Bonsai on display, but one tree really managed to take my breath away! And I found my self, still overwhelmed, coming back to see it all day long! My compliments go out to this (small )Club that organized this wonderful friendly show, I had a great time, meeting old friends from all over Europe and enjoying the fine trees on display! Well, don indeed!

Here are some amazing pictures from that “Masterpiece” Bonsai that blew me away and more than once! It’s a White Pine by Mario Komsta (PL) an artist that I highly respect! The pictures were made by my dear friend Roland Petek. This amazing tree and a few other high-class Bonsai were shown on the stage behind closed curtains to keep it dark! And the trees and company plants were lit by only one or two small bright spotlights, so they really stood out against the dark velvet backgrounds! It was like walking through a magical dark forest full of small super trees! But getting a good picture in this kind of set up was very difficult, so I am really happy that I can use Roland’s beautiful pictures! 🙂


untitled-6744 picture by Roland Petek a 500

untitled-6745 picture by Roland Petek 500

untitled-6748 picture by Roland Petek 500

untitled-6749 picture by Roland Petek 500

untitled-6750 picture by Roland Petek 500

untitled-6411picture by Roland Petek a 500

I hope you enjoyed these pictures of this outstanding Bonsai as much as I do?! I think that this tree is the best traditional styled Pine I ever saw in real life, the open spaces, the rhythm, the maturity of trunk, bark and branches, the………well everything about it is like I always thought it could be! 🙂 And there were a few more of this calibre in this already great show!!! 🙂

So friends do make sure to visit the next edition of the “EDA UCHI KAI” Bonsai club show!


Hans van Meer.




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