Hi, everybody,

here are the promised pictures of this wonderful Bonsai weekend, a little later than planned, I am sorry! 🙂

Here are some pictures made by Andrew Campbell during the 2-day transformation of his Shohin Cuspidate (Japanese yew). I borrowed the pictures from him to show you what makes “BURRS” so unique?! He asked Marcio and me for advice and we discussed the possibility’s together and Andrew decided to go with what we suggested. Then we explained him witch steps he had to take and in what order. Cleaning up the tree removing everything unwanted, creating new Shari and Jins from two large branches that were removed and then wiring every branch on the tree! He was concentrated at work for two day’s, with a big grin on his face! On the second day, he asked me to more or less bring the branches into the desired position. While Marcio and Rob were giving advise when I asked if this or that was all right in their eyes?! In this way of harmoniously working together, without ego and willing to listen to each others opinion, makes for good Bonsai and friendships! Thanks Andrew for your trust in us, for your pictures and your Vodka!! 🙂

Below still a bit of a bush!

20131109_085153_zps1f2d07f1 picture by Andrew Campbell org

Marcio and me talking about and explaining to Andrew how to proceed and what to do.

20131109_102017_zpsba8bbee5 picture by Andrew Campbell org

Bringing the branches in position, while Marcio and Andrew watch every move I make ! 🙂

20131110_132848_zpscbac6fd1 picture by Andrew Campbell org

                        Andrew’s sweat promising Shohin finished for now!

1425687_386470044816503_1704620201_n_zps11939533 Picture by Andrew Campbell org

This is just one off the many new creations that were styled during this great weekend!

More will follow!


Hans van Meer.




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