Hi, everybody, here are some impressions of the best Tony Tickle “BURRS” Bonsai workshop weekend this fare!!!!  It was such a pleasure and honour to be a part of it all again and I want to share that through these pictures with everybody!

here are some impressions of the best Tony Tickle “BURRS” Bonsai workshop weekend this fare!!!!  It was such a pleasure and honour to be a part of it all again and I want to share that through these pictures with everybody!

Below: This lovely picture of the bunkhouse where everything happens is made by Brian Dillon! I am sure he doesn’t mind me using it, and I know he doesn’t mind! 🙂

2013-11-10T20-00-48_14 picture by Brian Dillion 600

                                         Below: The guy’s hard at work!

BURRS 2013 191 org 600

Me and my great friend Pavel the “magician” in the kitchen at “BURRS”.

BURRS 2013 org 600

On this years memorable Saturday night party with light refreshments, Smithy is trying to set organizer Tony Tickle on fire!

BURRS 2013 090 org klein

Me hard at work on one of the best Yamadori Pines that I have ever worked on! While the guys are looking. 🙂

BURRS 2013 243 org 600

     Will concentrated carving away on one off the many trees he helped with!

BURRS 2013 180 org klein

On the way to “Burrs”, we saw the great city of Manchester in the morning fog mist.

BURRS 2013 111 org 600

A wonderful Hawthorn with a great future! This shot was made on the Fryday afternoon the day before it all would start and before any work was done.

BURRS 2013 014 org 500

                                          What a wonderful hobby Bonsai is!

BURRS 2013 211 org 500

A sweat little Larch, one of the many trees that were created during this weekend!

BURRS 2013 173 org 600

Two days hard at work wiring the tree and creating some heavy bends in two very thick branches!

BURRS 2013 016 org 600

My evening lecture about proper branch building and OPEN SPACES was well attended! I got my point (OPEN SPACES!!!) over and we had some laughs…didn’t we?!

BURRS 2013 106 org 600

My old friend “The man” Tony Tickle hard at work! I would like to take this opportunity to thank him for creating and hosting this unique event once again!

BURRS 2013 178 org 600

                      Graham and Pavel. Smiling faces all around!

BURRS 2013 239 org 600

This picture of my mate Mikey and me was made late on the Saturday night while we were working on his Pine.

BURRS 2013 105 org 600

My new friend Marcio Meruje from Portugal concentrated at work on a Pine….what a talented guy!

BURRS 2013 207 org 600

My dear longtime friend Terry Foster doing what he is sooooo good at! Thanks for taking us into your warm home again and say hi to Olie for us!!! Did he enjoy the beer?! 🙂

BURRS 2013 249 org 600

Terry helping me wiring the last branches of this amazing Pine while Marcio is looking on.

BURRS 2013 254 org 600

                                          Big Rob’s great Pine creation!

BURRS 2013 080 org 600

                      How cool is this?! Making lovely people happy!

BURRS 2013 162 org 500

                      After the tasty dinner some happy “Bluegrass” from

BURRS 2013 084 org 500

BURRS 2013 083 org 500

Below: Rob Campbell concentrated at work on his sweat little cuspidata (Japanese yew). He wrote on IBC forum:   Thank you to Hans van Meer and Márcio Meruje!

I answered with:
No thanks to you Andrew for trusting us and following up on our advice! It was a valuable little yew and it takes courage to cut away that much branches and foliage! And your trust was rewarded with a very promising little Shohin with pretty OPEN SPACES! Very Happy  And thanks for bringing that large bottle of Smirnoff and sorry that I finished it all on the Saturday Night!


Rob just came back with:

Well, I have seen your work so the trusting thing was no problem really.  As for the Smirnoff….I have never seen anyone drink vodka like that.  I can see that you commit yourself fully to everything you do lol.  I will remember to bring two bottles next time haha


BURRS 2013 127 org 600

Well, I was not the only one with a drink in my hand! Tony testing and showing a selection of all the beer we tried that night! 🙂  The other selection with the more potent drinks for real man with hair on their chest was spread out over the opposite tables along with food and other treats from around Europe! Picture made by Andrew Campbell.

1374734_10201785039481394_403609332_n picture by Andrew Campbell 600

                    Happy Stewart, happy me and his new Bonsai.

BURRS 2013 259 org 600

                        Fire eater Smithy with his big small Hawthorn.

BURRS 2013 251 org 600

                                              More pictures tomorrow


Hans van Meer.





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