Hi, everybody,

my post from July 27Th about “A rock planting that shows it all” got a bit more elaborated than was intended. I originally just started to write about the things that I had discovered in this uniquely shaped stone, but while I was doing this, I felt the need to go deeper into the importance of empty spaces in Bonsai and that took a bit longer than I had expected. I make no plans when I start writing about a idea that I suddenly want to share with you all. And more often than not it takes me a long time to find the right word, pictures or drawings to explain my feelings and thoughts. That is OK by me, but some times you have to hang in there a bit longer for the clues of my story’s! 🙂 I had some encouraging comment and questions from enthusiasts who are following me analyzing my thought about this rock, that from now on I would like to call “THE PHILOSOPHER’S STONE”! 🙂 So I will write down some of the other things that struck me when I was watching this stone that night. 

When I look at this stone below, I notice that it has a lot of visual speed. 


You almost might think, that the stone almost magically rises from the right bottom corner, and from there our eyes quickly follow the waving movement of the stone to the left, where they are launched into space like a ski jumper leaving the ramp.


But now look again and remember the natural viewing direction I spook about earlier.


Bellow: Wouldn’t our eyes start from the left side of the object? Leading our eyes to the right, slowly downwards and upwards, trough the plants that grows in the valley of this stones. Then, a fast downhill descent, until we reach the solid ground again.




Its almost moves like a snake that quickly disappears into his hole on the right! 🙂


Here I flipped the image over to show you the difference this will make!


Now we first have to slowly climb a mountainside to reach the growth in the valley. Our eye movement with the image in this way is much relaxer.

More later! 🙂





  1. I definitely feel more at ease with the plant on the right. I’m not sure why. The plant looks as if it is being cupped in the palm of a hand.



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