In honour of Bonsai photographers Willy & An Evenepoel.

A few days ago while browsing through the pictures on an old cell phone I came across this picture of myself and my dear old Belgium Bonsai friend Willy Evenepoel. I met Willy for the first time in 1997 at the very first edition of the legendary and trendsetting Ginkgo Bonsai Awards in Belgium. Willy was the designated Bonsai photographer and his lovely wife An took care of all the important paperwork that came along with all the 110+ Bonsai that needed to be photographed during this 2 days event and their 110+ nervous owners! This meant 3 days of very early starts and very late finishing! But always with a smile and time for a talk while working! Their devotion and long hard work over all those years resulted in 3 beautiful Ginkgo Awards books and 7 Noelanders Trophy books! And for all that years-long friendly commitment I wanted to honour these 2 special ‘Bonsai lovers’ friends who worked so hard all these years to bring the very best out of our precious Bonsai so that they can be seen forever!

Below: is one of the “The best of Bonsai in Europe” commemorative books.

Below: is one of the “The best of Noelanders Trophy” commemorative books.

Thanks, Willy and An Evenepoel for all your years-long hard work and devotion to highlighting our babies so beautiful!


Hans van Meer.

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