My old Mugo Pine “Wolfie” restyled!

Today was a beautiful day to take the time to place all the branches that I wired on Wolfie earlier in their places! By turning, lifting and angling Wolfie I decided the best (possible) new angle and position. Little pieces of wood were placed underneath the pot to bring the tree to its best future potting position! Some old branches had to go and the rest of the branches and foliage were brought in place with the help of bottle corks, cut-to-fit wooden paint steering sticks and rubber cubs (that were cut out off the sole of my old beach flip-flop slippers! This bringing in place was by now means an easy task because Wolfie grew very slow in a place with hardly any vegetation on top of an enormous boulder rock in just a few inches of very hard old soil that was made up over many decades out of his own shed needles! That and being covered by a large pack of heavy snow during the long Winters followed by a short very hot Summer and nibbling goats made that the now very old and unbendable branches had grown in a curled-up way covered with old deadwood! And believe me, they are unbendable! I made these curled up very old branches with their old cracked bark and full of deadwood (Shari) the main focus point in between the opened-up top foliage section!

Below: I found this picture of Wolfie from September 2012. So this is how he looked 10 years ago!

Below: 10 years later: Close-up of some of the natural curled-up old branches.

Below: Too-long tin branches with only one or two candles at the end were removed. An older thicker one that grew from straight forward in your face was also removed to open up the foliage for the viewers so that they can better admire the curled-up old branches, trunk, bark and deadwood of this little old tree! Wolfie has shapeshifted into a new exciting image and is settled for a few growing seasons! It only needs to be repotted in this same pot, at a different angle…but that’s for later! I hope you like “Wolfie’s” new look?!

Hans van Meer.

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