Some more Spring repoting part III.

Below: Acer buergerianum growing over a rock that has on the left side a little natural pool. This one is with me for well over 25 years!

Below: I met my dear old friend Tony Tickle way back in the mid-nineties during the very first edition of the famous “GINKGO AWARDS” in Belgium and we instantly hit it off! That night at the gala diner I told Tony that there are hardly any good Yamadori to find in Holland! An amazing hour or so later filled with Tony’s yamadori stories, I was invited to come over by car to the UK to collect and have fun with him and Terry Foster! So I drove to the UK and had the time of my life and had the pleasure to get to know these now almost 3 decades-long friends! And the first Yamadori that I ever collected is the Taxus below! In her Bonsai past, she was shown in some prestigious Bonsai shows and it makes me sad that she has been doing poorly for a few years now. Bud now for a few years, she has been slowly recovering from being weak!? And she is still not their jet and I preferred to not have to transplant her just jet…but she is seriously potbound and that might be the reason why the foliage stays weak! So I will have to take an educated risk and give her a trim, and some fresh soil and hope that it turns out to be the right choice!

More will follow soon!


Hans van Meer.

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