Hi, everybody,

this is how this little “PEE PINE” that I found and collected In Austria in May 2004 looked after one of its first styling way back in April 2008. 35cm/14inch. It is named “PEE PINE” because it grew well hidden between the high grass and I almost accidentally peed on it during a walk through the mountains! 🙂

                                                                 “PEE PINE” 

               Below: This was taken in Spring 2009 in its new Tokoname pot.

9-9-2009 pi pine 2 010 Hans van Meer

And yesterday still in that same pot, while rain, hail and a storm were torturing my garden, I took her indoors for yet another restyling. She now measures 41 cm/16 Inches and has matured a lot! Below:

Below: before the work started.

Below: left side view after wiring and styling.

Below: right side view.

Below: backside view.

Below: and the finished front side view. I am really happy with just how mature this tinny Pine looks right now! If it is not yet sold next Spring, it will be repotted as soon as the buds start to swell back into the same pot. But a little bit more tilted to the left! And as soon as the weather clears I will clean the Shari section and Jin’s and treat them with lime sulfur.

I hope you like this little story?!


Hans van Meer.



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