Hi, everybody,

here are some pictures from last Sunday of my Poortugaal workshop group. With more than a dozen student it was hard work to spend enough time with everybody and their trees but I managed it…although I forgot to eat anything during that whole day! Everybody was happy after a long day of Bonsai fun and the next edition is already almost fully booked! ūüôā

Thanks to Marijke for taking so good care of us all and for these pictures!

Hallo allemaal, 

hier¬†zijn¬†wat foto’s van de¬†afgelopen¬†Zondag Poortugaal workshop groep. Met meer dan een¬†dozijn studenten was het hard werken om iedereen en zijn bomen¬†genoeg tijd¬†en aandacht te geven, maar het is me toch gelukt….al was ik wel¬†de hele dag vergeten¬†om iets te eten! ūüėČ Iedereen was blij¬†en te vreden¬†na een¬†lange dag Bonsai plezier en de volgende editie zit al bijna weer helemaal vol! ūüôā

Bedankt Marijke voor al je hulp en voor deze fotos!

I got home very hungry and tired but in a good way! I love to spread the love for Bonsai and my knowledge, it is immensely¬†fulfilling and uplifting! I can’t wait for the next edition!¬†

Early next Wednesday morning I am off to the North of Holland to new Bonsai friend Diederick to help him to style his beautiful big Yamadori Scotts¬†Pine that he recently¬†bought from me. This exciting massive¬†job will be photographed¬†and completely¬†filmed to be posted later on to YouTube. I am looking forward to this and happy to be able to help with the ( in my opinion) promising future of this Pine that I collected some 4 years ago! And I know that enthusiastic¬†Diederick will take good care of him…and that is a good thing to know!!! ūüôā


Hans van Meer.



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