First picture from my hawthorn at the Noelanders trophy 2016


Hi, everybody,

just got back from my long trip up to the Noelanders Trophy 2016 in Genk Belgium to bring in my Little Hawthorn for the show and to see amazing Bonsai and best of all: my Bonsai friend from around Europe! This morning I had to get up at 4 to get there at 8 just before the show would open its doors to the public, only then there would be a small window of time to make the pictures of the trees for the commemorative book… I made it precisely in time! Yes!!! I was the first to arrive off the last exhibitors to arrive and found photographer and old Bonsai friend Willy Evenly already waiting for me! We said our hello’s and while Willy arranged all the lights and the rest of his set up, I found in the corner of the studio the wooden box with my name written on it (in big letters!), that was left there for me the other night! Inside, I found my new custom-made table and dai! They were made on special hurry order and left there for me by Christoph from CHR furniture. I saw the table (in real life) there and then for the first time and I was over the moon with it, the Bonsai table combo was really good in my eyes! This great craftsman makes amazing Bonsai tables! After I had placed the table and the Bonsai in the right position, Willy made several shots until he was satisfied with the lighting and sharpness and then asked, like always, are you satisfied with the result? How cool is that?! While Willy was concentrating at work on the picture of my little Hawthorn, I shot this picture of him and my tree over his shoulder! As it is forbidden to take pictures in the actual exhibition of the trees….this is the best I can do for now! The beautiful pot was custom-made by my friend John Pitt and matches the structure and colour of the tree perfectly! I was proud to present my work again at this great event and it was even greater to hear and see how lots of people liked my little Hawthorn and to find out just how many friends exactly know the whole story of this Bonsai from reading my blog stories! Great to know people are still interested in what I do…that is very heartwarming! But what made it even better is to meet the friends I made over the years in this great art form, some now for over more than 20 years!! I hope you enjoy the picture?! I am off to bed!!!

Willy Evenepoel at work.
Willy Evenepoel is at work.


Hans van Meer.




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