Sunny Hawthorn Foto Shoot.

Hi, everybody,

yesterday turned out to be just the amazing clear sunny day that I had been hoping for, so I was able to take some pictures of my small Hawthorn. Without sunlight, I am not able to use the technique I prefer to use to make pictures of my trees! Let me explain: I make this kind of picture in the back corner of my small garden (the only real place I have) at the end of the day the low-hanging sun just reaches far enough to provide the proper lighting. The subject is placed in front of a large black cloth with the (by me) filtered sun (semi-transparent plastic sheet) coming from the right side. The subject stands basically in the semi-shade and is only been made visible through reflected sunlight. This sunlight is reflected from carefully placed plates of hardboard (the ones with the white side on it), this makes the subject light up and stands out from the dark background! I make this picture standing under need an umbrella, Ella Ella (sorry!) to prevent the sunlight from shining into my camera lens! I shot 224 pictures in total and only 2 were good enough to be later worked on (light, sharpness and contrast) and only one finally made it to be shown here! This little Hawthorn is here still in its old pot and will pretty soon be repotted into its new custom-made John Pitt pot!! For the rest of the day… a lot of cleaning up old foliage and preparing my babies for mister winter!!!

26-10-2015 Meidoorn 018 hans van meer org 400

26-10-2015 Meidoorn 194 hans van meer org web 1000

                                                   I hope you like the picture?!


Hans van Meer.



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