Hi, everybody,

last Saturday it was early up for me to pick up my Slovenian friend Matej Planinc from the train station in Rotterdam. He is based on his work in Belgium and misses his trees and working on them so I invited him to work on mines together with me and he was all for that! 🙂 We watched and discussed my collection from under need a large umbrella because it sadly was raining cats and Sint Bernard’s dogs, like it, would do for the rest of that day, so we had to bring the tree we would work on inside the house! After discussing the trees on offer for work Matej choose to work on my old Japanese white pine. So indoor it was brought and with some extra lights on it, we first started to remove the older needles from it. After this task was done we started to wire the many, many branches! We only stopped for toilets breaks, coffee and Lunch to finish up around 7 o’clock with a nice meal before I brought a tired but happy Matej back to the train again! We already made new plans for next month to do it all again! 🙂

Below: Matej and me hard at work on my old Pine.

12-5-2014 Larix 013 Hans van Meer 500

Below: A quick display with my Larch was made as a welcome.

12-5-2014 Larix 033 org Hans van Meer 500

Below: “Wolfie” looking good in the afternoon sun.

12-5-2014 Larix 075 Hans van Meer wolfie 500

Hope you like this little impression of yet another Bonsai Fun day! 🙂


Hans van Meer.


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