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on the 26th of April, I gave my second workshop at the Slovenian Bonsai Club. This trip was organized by my dear friends Roland Petek and Janoz and I owe them a lot of thanks! 😉 We luckily had amazing weather so we were able to stage it outside so that we could work on our tan as well as on the trees! 🙂 The venue was perfect and the dinner they served at lunchtime was very enjoyable as well! So it turned out to be an amazing day with smiles all around and some amazing (pre) Bonsai as a resold! It is good to see that the level of the students, as well as the material, is rising so fast in this club, something that they should be really proud of! Here are some images of the trees and the students to give an impression of that wonderful day among friends!

First, each and every tree was discussed for all who were there. This is a great learning moment for all, I included because everybody can share their views about the styling and ask, or answer, to the point questions about how to reach that final stage in a bonsai live! I believe that styling advice should also consist proper techniques, aftercare and maintenance…..and a drawing of course! 😉

Janoz promising Mugo Pine and the drawing that I made as a reference.

Slovenia 2014 090 org Hans van Meer 500

Slovenia 2014 089 org Hans van Meer 500

                                                              In my element! 🙂

DSC_9091 org 500

                                      Janoz working the deadwood all by hand!

Slovenia 2014 092 org Hans van Meer 500

DSC_9213 org 500

Slovenia 2014 104 org Hans van Meer 500

DSC_9218 org 500

DSC_9120 org 500

Slovenia 2014 094 org Hans van Meer 500

Slovenia 2014 101 org Hans van Meer 500

My way of praying! 😉 Here I am explaining about how a tree like this could improve by opening it more up to the base section, with open arms, like it’s inviting you to a hug. That makes it more impressive and over towering , if that is a word?! By seeing sections of the lower trunk we get a better feeling of just how big this tree (appears) to be and from that, we can calculate from just how far away we are seeing it. All that instant info that gives us, the viewer, the feeling that we are actually looking at a, not too far away, real sized massive tree! All that info by just opening up the lower part of the trunk and the first branches. Bonsai is also being proud of your branch structure! It takes many extra years, but the end result is always better! But that’s just my opinion! 😉

DSC_9150 org 500

                      Roland giving a helping hand styling this massive Fagus.

Slovenia 2014 105 org Hans van Meer 500

Slovenia 2014 103 org Hans van Meer 500

             My good friend Tomaz Kovsca lending a student an helping hand.

DSC_9199 org 500

                   Discussing the possibilities of a lovely Fagus double trunk.

DSC_9111 org 500

                             And important: Alway’s time for a joke….or 2! 🙂

DSC_9102 org 500

The quick drawing I made to show which branches needed to be removed to create beautiful open spaces so that you could see through the tree and experience more a feeling of depth and size!

DSC_9219 org 500

DSC_9221 org 500

Before the work started Nik Rozman explained his plans for the styling of his difficult Mugo yamadori.

DSC_9133 org 500

                       Nik is wiring his Pinus while Pinky is looking on.

Slovenia 2014 102 org Hans van Meer 500

                                   And the great result of Nik’s hard work!

DSC_9204 org 500

I love to make simple drawing designs, they help to explain the possibility’s of the tree and the students like to keep them as a memory!

DSC_9192 org 500

Slovenia 2014 097 org Hans van Meer 500

Some heavy bending would be necessary on this Sylvestris to create a workable future base to work from.

DSC_9125 org 500

Much better trunk line already! Amazing what you can do with good preparation!

Slovenia 2014 096 org Hans van Meer 500

                      Green arrow: just look how far that trunk was bend! 🙂

DSC_9186 org 500

                   Everybody listens or join’s in the discussion of each tree!

DSC_9172 org 500

DSC_9157 org 500

Slovenia 2014 095 org Hans van Meer 500

DSC_9222 org 500

Slovenia 2014 098 org Hans van Meer 500

                                             How cool is this little tree?! 🙂

DSC_9253 org 500

Hope you guy’s enjoyed this little impression of a wonderful day amongst friends in Slovenia? Guy’s thanks for having me and I hope to be back soon for another Bonsai fun day!

Thanks to Roland Petek  (Bonsai-Living Art) for the use of his wonderful pictures and the rest!

More pics of my trip to Slovenia will follow soon


Hans van Meer.



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