Restyling my big Larch named the Elephant.


Hi, everybody,
last weekend it was lovely weather so I decided that it was time to rewire and restyle my big Larch named the Elephant! I am still recovering from two minor operations so I could not stand up for too long and so I had to work in short sessions, but who is complaining with such weather and such a tree to work on?! Last year the tree was allowed to grow freely and most of the smaller ramification had grown out off position and needed to brought back into place again!
Below: Before the work started! Just look at that tangled mess of branches!

24-3-2014 Larix (Elephant) 081 Hans van Meer 500

Below: And this is how my Elephant looked after 3 days of on and off wiring!

25-3-2014 larix (elephant) 055 Hans van Meer 500

I had to redesign most off the top section because I was not satisfied with how it had progressed over the last couple of years! It looks much better now, but it still needs a lot of work in the future years to make it the way I see it in my mind! But the tree and I are not going anywhere, so I just enjoy the ride as the years go by! Gives me time to find a suitable pot for the Elephant to live in!

Hope you like what I have done so far?!
Hans van Meer.

PS: More will be posted soon!



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