Some pictures that I made during my short (wet) break in Belgium.


Hi, everybody,

here are some pictures that I like to share with you all, they were made last week during my short break in the beautiful Ardenne in Belgium. It sadly rained most of the time, but during the last day, the sun broke through the clouds so I could finally make my long-planned hike to see the old Oaks I had seen for the first time some 20 years ago! So when the sun came out I wanted to take quick advantage of this opportunity and make the long walk to finally see them again! They grow on an impossible hard rock mountainside and some of them are just 2 meters high. They are stunning and some grow in really unique forms, like the multiple trunks one in the picture below. Click on pictures for full size!

20-10-2013 Hans van Meer 088 800

Below: This little (oak) gem is not much higher than 1,5 meter.

20-10-2013 Hans van Meer 050 800

Below: Close up, look at that movement! 🙂

20-10-2013 Hans van Meer 051 800

Below: Some nice views I shot on the way up.

20-10-2013 Hans van Meer 058 800

20-10-2013 Hans van Meer 055 600

Below: And a final bonus to a wonderful day, some nice bread with wonderful cheese and a view to die for!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures!


Hans van Meer.



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