Hi, everybody,
Last Saturday I visited my good friend Teunis Jan Klein’s “DESHIMA” Bonsai studio that is located in Nieuwerkerk aan de IJssel in The
Netherlands for the celebration of the first year anniversary of the Bonsai cafe. Teunis Jan started his successful “DESHIMA” Bonsai studio some 14 years ago, where he sells everything that has to do with Bonsai and where he also teaches Bonsai to his many students. A year ago Teunis started this Bonsai cafe in his Bonsai studio for his loyal students and guests and since then every first Saturday of the month they come together to spend the day and have fun chairing their Bonsai passion. They enjoy the pleasure of some food and drinks while working on their own or others their trees or just while talking about…well everything! And yesterday they celebrated their first year anniversary and had transformed the tropical greenhouse into a beautiful Bonsai showroom were they showed some of their Bonsai! Inside the studio, there was an open bar and a food section were Sushi and Sate was made for the guest! All the guest were surprised with champagne and after the New Years wishes were made everybody walked to see the trees on display and to have a look, indoors and outdoors, at the large selection of Bonsai and raw material that’s Teunis has for sale. There was even a snow machine that covered the trees in the outdoor garden, creating a magical winter experience! I had visited the Bonsai cafe before and I was invited to join the celebrations when I asked if it would be a nice idea if I would bring a tree to their show, Teunis sad it would be a great idea! So I brought along my old Ulmus Chinensis that I have been training for more than 20 years now. Teunis had asked his students to bring along a difficult tree and later that day he selected 4 of them to discuss inside while everybody was listening to what he had to say. I believe that Teunis is, besides being charismatic and easy to get along with, one of the best knowledgeable teachers that I know and it was a pleasure to hear him discuss those hard to style trees! It was a fun day and a great initiative, we need more people like Teunis in Holland to keep Bonsai here alive and kicking! Here are some images that I shot during my visit!

Below: When you open the door to his studio you are created on the right side by this wonderful display.

5-1-2013 TJ 020 Hans van Meer 500

Below: a Straight view into the shop from that same entrance off the studio.

5-1-2013 TJ 035 Hans van Meer 500

Below: The bar in the corner off his working/studio where the coffee with cookies where waiting. And yes! It is in Holland…. so there was alcohol! There always is!!! drunken

5-1-2013 TJ 031 Hans van Meer 500

Below: One off the many beautiful displays in that same working/studio area.

5-1-2013 TJ 030 Hans van Meer 500

Below: A wonderful Yamadori Oak in the garden on the way to the greenhouses. This whole picture shouts “Holland”! The light, house and trees. Holland! Very Happy

5-1-2013 TJ 027 Hans van Meer 500

Below: A look in the cold greenhouse were reasonably priced starters stand next to award winning trees! NOTE the branches on the left bottom in this picture! They are from a beech yamadori raft that I want to show to you all. I tell you this so that you can have an idea just how big this stunning tree is!

5-1-2013 TJ 021 Hans van Meer 500

Below: This is that breathtaking piece of wonderful nature in a pot! This is one off the few trees that really blows me away, every time again! And it gets better and better! Teunis is working on this tree for more than 10 years by now and it was showed in one off the earliest editions of the now famous Ginkgo awards! It is so heavy that the specially made pot broke when it was raised on the specially reinforced table there, you can still see the cracks! I have some pictures somewhere were his old cat is laying inside those trees and under the branches, it was it’s favorite spot! It looked like one off those rabbits hiding under the bushes in the film “Water ship down”! A thing of beauty for sure!

5-1-2013 TJ 001 Hans van Meer 500

                        Below: Close up of those amazing trunks and roots.

5-1-2013 TJ 006 Hans van Meer 500

                                         Below: Wonderful trees for sale!

5-1-2013 TJ 037 Hans van Meer 500

          Below: Even a former Ginkgo Award winner can be admired there!

5-1-2013 TJ 038 Hans van Meer 500

             Below: Another Ginkgo and Noelanders showed Bonsai for sale!

5-1-2013 TJ 040 Hans van Meer 500

                Below: And something special like this for the smaller budget!

5-1-2013 TJ 028 Hans van Meer 500

Below: A nice larch from one-off Teunis his students on display inside the, specially built for this celebration exhibition, section.

5-1-2013 TJ 010 Hans van Meer 500

5-1-2013 TJ 012 Hans van Meer 500

5-1-2013 TJ 011 Hans van Meer 500

                                                         Below: A nice Pine.

5-1-2013 TJ 016 Hans van Meer 500

I had a great afternoon at Teunis and his students “Bonsai Cafe”, they made me and all the others that were visiting this one-year Bonsai friendship celebration feel right at home! We need more people like Teunis Jan Klein in Holland! Bravo, my friend and I will be there again at your next celebration! And CU at the Noelanders!!!

Hope you all enjoyed it?!

Hans van Meer.


Deshima Bonsai Studio (T.J.Klein.)
Bonsai Cafe NL


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