Hi, everybody,

A few weeks ago I defoliated my Ficus root over rock Bonsai once again and then rewired and repositioned the branches into place again. I started this Bonsai more than 20 years ago from a 1 Euro, pinkie thick supermarket plant! It has been quite a challenge to work this tree in my climate, it has to live 8 months a year inside, but it is slowly getting better and looking older as the years pass!

Below: The tree some 20 years ago. I planted it on this moon rock 2 years earlier.

Its branches are multiplied since the last time I work on it, so that wiring took me 7 hours (PFFFFF), but it was worth it in the end! The roots have thickened a lot in two years and the bark is also showing more and more age! Even though taking care of it, is not always easy where I live, this tree is slowly starting to look more and more as a Bonsai and has come fare since I bought it as a pinkie thick plant in our local supermarket! The second right branch has become a bit disturbing because it grows from the inside of a curve and is now almost growing from the same height as the opposite left branch. This wasn’t this way when I started with this tree all those years ago, but both branches have thickened so much that they grow toward each other! A beginners mistake, but that’s normal! I was just starting with this hobby, when I started to form this tree!Smile Might I remove it in the future? But for now, it is just fine this way! But remember: branches thicken! Wink
Below: Before work started.

                                                Below: After a lot of wiring!

                              Below: Close up of the fast thickening roots.

                      Below: Close up picture of the ramification on this Ficus.

                                      Hope you enjoyed this update?!


Hans van Meer.







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