Hi, everybody,

 it has been a long while since the last update of my Larch named “the Elephant”! During all that time “the Elephant” was allowed to grow (almost) freely without any wiring on it! Most of the desired main branches are already there or almost there, including the finer branches! But almost the whole design is made out of new branches, that are still bending down under their own weight! So they still needed a bit of help from me, to stay in their desired positions! So to overcome that problem, I used wooden sticks, chopsticks and pieces of thick (second hands) wire, to lift and hold those young main branches in place, just above their desired position (to allow some room for gravity when their support was removed). In the meanwhile during this and last growing season, the tree was, and still is, spoiled with plenty fertilizer and water to let all these new branches grow/thicken rapidly! Well since then the branches have thickened considerably and are starting to fixate more and more into their places! And as a bonus, the bark on the branches is ageing more rapidly and looking much better! During this encouraged growing period, the work on improving the finner branch structure went on like always! Cut what needed cutting and let grow, where growth was needed! Just like with the new branches you can see sticking out on top, like an antenna! So forgive “the Elephant” for still looking like a static woolly mammoth, but it looks like this for a good reason! In the near future, all those foliage pads will be much smaller and more refined and open! So I hope, that in just a couple of more years time, I will be able to start to work on making “the Elephant” more presentable! It takes a while to get it right, but I am sure that it will be worth the wait and just to enjoy the seasons like “the Elephant” those!

Hope you appreciate the update and the picture?!

Interested in the whole story of  “the Elephant” and most of my other Bonsai?! Then please do visit “KARAMOTTO” my personal Bonsai website! HERE!


Hans van Meer.

Info: karamottobonsai@hotmail.com




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