Hi, everybody,

last Friday, the day before the show, my student Ed van der Reek came over to my place to prepare our Bonsai for the Noelanders Trophy 2012. Because of a slight mishap when we moved my Larch around, it was no longer possible to show it at this years show! 😦  But my small Hawthorn that I repotted a few day’s earlier with out any problems in to it’s new Horst Heinzlreiter pot, was ready to go! And so was  Ed’s amazing looking  Hinoki “Chamaecyparis obtusa”. The wire was removed from my Hawthorn and then the soil surface and pots were looked over again to make sure everything was still looking tip top alright.Than Ed oiled up his cleaned pot to give it a nice shine for the show and then we were ready to secure the trees in 2 small crates, so that they were easier to carry and to secure in my car. Some small scissors, cleaning cloth, oil, spray can with water and Ed’s accent plant were packed into those same 2 crates. And then the open spaces that remained, were carefully filled with bubble wrap plastic! After I waxed and polished our tables everything was ready to go! Next morning at half past 5 Ed arrived at my place again, we packed our stuff into my car, enjoyed a quick coffee and drove off at  6  o’clock precisely! We arrived just after 8 o’clock at the venue in Heusden-zolder in Belgium and quickly brought all our stuff inside. Witch wasn’t as easy as it sounds, because there were some mean stairs to climb at the entrance! We arrived there first and it was a amazing view when we walked into the hugs exhibition space, were all other Bonsai were all ready in place. It was still dark out side and the inside lightning above the trees were still dimmed and it was completely quiet when we walked in with our trees…well that was as close to a religious experience as I have ever been! 🙂 Really a over powering feeling!

Below: This picture was made just 5 minutes before the doors opened. I shot it from the other side of this big venue. This is a view of just a small section of all the Bonsai on display. The one in the middle is my small Hawthorn. 

Below: My little Hawthorn is accompanied by a bronze crab that I imported from Japan a few years ago. It walks on a piece of driftwood that was a gift from Tony Tickle and his children well over a decade ago now! From the elevated place where I collected this Hawthorn together with Tony, you looked right down at the ocean, so it felt just right to show them as a combo.

Hawthorn Hans van Meer.

                                                            Below: Close Up.

Below: Ed’s tree being photographed by Willy Evenepoel. This year for the first time a commemorative book will be made of this Trophy! So that makes it even more exciting! 🙂

Below: What Willy saw through his camera! I am really proud of what Ed has managed to do with this not so easy to maintain species!

Chamaecyparis Ed van der Reek. Noelanders Trophy 2012

                   Below: Sunday the second day of the show and still happy!

It was great to finally show some of my work again and it was even greater to meet so many of my old friends again, and to make some new ones on the way! I can hardly wait for the next edition! If you have not been to this edition, make sure you don’t miss out on the next one!


Hans van Meer.





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