Hi, everybody,

I received some more before and after pictures from 2 members of the “Slovenia Bonsai Club” that I would like to share with you all.

1: Blaz (Pinki) Konec, urban yamadori Juniper.

This Juniperus was one of the toughest to style into a pre-bonsai! Most of the branches only had foliage on the tips and the ones that had enough foliage to work with were almost impossible to bend! So I discussed the possibilities with Pinki and explained that his juniper would be styled with future growth in mind! After wiring, the top section of the trunk and the branches were brought more or less into their future position. From this point onwards the tree needs to be encouraged, with pinching and heavy feeding, to back bud lower on those empty branches! When that happens over the next couple of years, it will be easier to give Pinki’s juniper it’s final shape!

                                                 Below: Before the work started.

                                            Below: The end result for now!

           2: Nik Rozman,  Larch yamadori collected in May 2007 by himself.

                                     Below: Nik’s Larch before collecting.

                                              Below: Before work started

We discussed his plane for the tree before he started and then Nik, bravely, started to remove unwanted branches and wired the ones that were left.

                                             Below: The great end result.

After Nik was finished, I only made some minor adjustments, so all the credits of this exciting styling have to go to Nik!

You can find more pictures of this Bonsai weekend on Nik’s blog:  Here and here.


Hans van Meer.






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