Hi, everybody,

here are some pictures of what I have been doing during the last week, in Bonsai that is!

Below: Here is an updated shot of the Dutch Hawthorn that I showed here two mounts ago. It needs a couple of years of growth to fill out the foliage, but the main frame is there already!


Below: This is another Dutch Hawthorn. Since I collected this one, some 10 years ago, it has been shortened from more than 1 meter/40 Inch to just above Shohin size. It still needs to fill out in the top section and the deadwood needs to be sculpted, but I am pleased with the image and the progress so far.

Below: Close up of the beautiful old bark. It proves that Dutch Hawthorn can show remarkable character as well.

Below: And here I am decorating the X-Mas tree! 🙂 I salvaged this and another Juniper from a cemetery where they were dumped in a garbage container. It took me 3  years to nurse them back to health and now that they are, it is time to air-layer the most promising ones. These Juniperus media Blaauw varieties have beautiful slow-growing foliage that resembles Juniperus Itoigawa foliage but is darker coloured. I made 13 air layers that if all goes well will become a forest planting in the future! Please note, just how stylish I dressed for this special occasion!  🙂


Hans van Meer.




  1. Hi Hans,
    Ik ben een Bonsai newby en ben letterlijk zo door je werk geinspireerd, dat ik me dagelijks op je website en blog vindt om nieuwe en interessante dingen te zien en te leren. Ik woon al 22 jaar in de States en wilde je eigenlijk eens emailen. Heb echter geen email adres kunnen ontdekken, misschien doe je dat niet, wat ik ook begrijpen kan.
    Hoe dan ook, zou het erg leuk vinden om misschien eens te corresponderen.
    Groet en dank voor alle fantastische Bonsai info.
    Willem – Chicagoland


  2. Hi Hans,

    Do you have any progression photos os the little haw?
    I want to make a Shohin trom a straight haw that i have and would be nice to havo some ideas.


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