Hi, everybody,

I know that I told you all in my previous post, that the next day I would start to work on my Juniperus communis. Well, I started bright and early that next day! And all that I had to do before I could start to work, was to lift the tree from off its bench onto the working bench behind me. And that was the end of it! My back gave out and I had to abort any idea of doing anything else than lying down on the sofa all day again! That wasn’t a good start of the sunny day that I had waited for, for so long! But a few hours later that day my luck seems to have changed again when the assistant of my Neurosurgeon called me and asked me if I was able to come the next day for an intake check-up so that I could be operated this next Monday? I told her that I probably had to craw, but I would be there! 🙂

So I had my checkup last Friday and Tomorrow night I will check in to the hospital and I will be operated in the afternoon on Monday! I am really happy because this date is at least 6 weeks earlier than we had hoped for! And that is not a moment too soon for me, things have con from bad to worse the last month and I am fed up of it all. So I hope that this time the operation will bring some better result than the first one 6 months ago! Because I still want to run the New York marathon in 2011….NOT!! 🙂

Anyway, restyling “M” has to be postponed for a few weeks/ months later. But I did make some nice pictures from “THE ELEPHANT” with it’s brightly coloured new foliage just appearing. That I would like to share with you!

I restyled this old larch about two weeks ago and now with this short foliage, the image of it’s more mature appearance is really starting to show. I would have loved to make these shots a few days later when the foliage is just that bit longer, but I have an appointment for a back fix! 🙂 The story of this last restyling will be posted soon onto my website!

24-4-2010 2 110 Hans van Meer 3

I know that this tree is far from finished! But I can see that it will be really special someday in the future! It would be nice if by then, I could lift it my self onto its table at its first show! In a nice custom made pot! Fingers crossed! 🙂 Hope you like the new image of “THE ELEPHANT”?


Hans van Meer.

Info: karamottobonsai@hotmail.com



  1. Good luck with your back, I can sympathize completely with you, been off work for a month and to uncomfortable to even work on trees!!
    Speedy recover Hans


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