Hi, everybody,

two years ago I posted HERE the story of a small “Hawthorn” that I had collected in Nov. 2006 in Wales.

Below: And this is how the small “Hawthorn” of this post looked in February 2008 before the work started.


Below: February 2008. And this is how it looked after the first styling was finished.

 februari 2008 352 Hans van Meer

During the last week, I removed the old wire from last year. Worked on branch refinement, which means: cutting off all the ugly or to straight or thick small branches. Then all the branches were wired again and brought into position.

Below: 13-2-2010. And this is the picture of the finished restyling. Present height of the tree is 28cm/11.2 inch. Remember that between the above picture and the one below, only two years have passed! I find that amazing! “Hawthorn’s” are truly wonderful trees to work with!

12-2-2010 104 Hans van Meer web

               Below: A bird’s eye view of the tree. Look at all those branches.

12-2-2010 119 Hans van Meer web

I know it will need some more years for the branches to mature and the top to thicken some more. But I think this small “Hawthorn” is well on it’s way to becoming a very powerful Bonsai!

I hope you like it so far?!


Hans van Meer.

Info: karamottobonsai@hotmail.com




  1. Hi guy’s, thanks for your comments!
    No Tom my back is not much better yet! 😦
    Nuno, I use a mixture of Akadama, Kiryu and Bims for most of my Bonsai. Bims is a very lite porous lava stone product from Germany.
    Hans van Meer.


  2. Hi Hans. Nice to see you again at Noelanders. Its soem time since i’ve looked at your blog. I like your drawings – they are very good. My husbond makes portraits too, so I know a little about what i’m saying. keep on doing it.
    I Like your treesw too, they are very good.
    I’m longing for the time for repotting and work with my trees, but we have so much snow this winter, my garden is almost burried in snow. best wishes Lone


  3. Really, Really nice Hans.

    This little hawthorn got my blood pumping and makes me long all the more for the snow to melt and spring to show-up. Thanks for sharing this.

    Cheers, Tom


  4. Hi Hans,
    Promising looking hawthorn.

    I have two questions:

    Do U ever experience any problems with Rust on your hawthorns now that they live side by side with your Junipers?

    Regards from Ken


  5. Hello Hans!
    That’s amazing!
    This tree have a special harmony, that I’ve see not so many times. Look’s realy great!
    You give me a kick for collecting hawthorns.
    Regards from Budapest, Hungary!


  6. Hello Hans very nice improvement in only 2 years!

    How are you going to Bath by aircraft or by car?Could you send me a mail?



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