Hy, everybody,

here is an update on how I am doing. Well, to be honest, still not so good! Things have not gotten any better for me and there is still not much I can do. My visit to the Noelanders did prove to be too much to soon and did me more harm than good. I don’t even remember much of that short visit and I am ashamed that I missed out on saying hello to so many of my Bonsai friends that I know that were there! To all those people, forgive me, I was not at my best that day! And I will CU and meet you for sure on a later date!!! 🙂

But even though my physical condition is still not too good, I did manage to get some light Bonsai stuff don, spread out over a couple of days. Especially the work on one of my smaller Hawthorns gave me great joy. And I am proud to announce that the story of this little Bonsai will be featured in an article in the BCI magazine in the near future! So as you see, I am not giving up yet! 🙂

 Below: I bought this Berberis thunbergii and the Ilex verticillate in the bottom two pictures last September HERE  at Teunis Jan Klein’s place “DESHIMA” .

5-9-2009 loder en tj 040 hans van Meer

I created a small cascading Bonsai out of it. In the future, one of the two cascading branches will be removed. But for now, I will first wait how good this little tree will recover from all this cutting I had to do to get it to were it is in this picture. There is no hurry!

28-1-2001 041 Hans van Meer

                                                   Below: Ilex verbicillata.

5-9-2009 loder en tj 049 Hans van Meer

Below: I had to remove one trunk, a lot of unwanted branches and had to perform some major surgery on old ugly and bulging wounds. The branches that I could use, were wired and then carefully bend into position. This 5 trunk raft needs some new branches lower down on two of the tree front trunks. But this will surely happen in this next growing season. I know it is eurly day’s yet, but I can’t wait to see this tree in a couple of years time when it is in full bloom. I think that this will be a spectacular site indeed!

3-1-2010 025 Hans van Meer

                  Below: Here is the second portrait I finished a few days ago.

It is a pencil drawing of my Nephew, who is the latest addition to our proud family. 

                    His name is Jelle and he was born on 30 July 2009.

6-2-2010 024 Jelle voorbeeld

                                       “HAPPY JELLE”

Until the next time,

Hans van Meer.

Info: karamottobonsai@hotmail.com



3 thoughts on “‘T IS NOT MUTCH…BUT IT’S A START!”

  1. Hi Hans!

    Take it easy on the back! We’ve had a lot of snow here on the NJ coast. My back’s killing me from shoveling!
    Will you be visiting my area any time soon?


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