Hi, everybody,

today I repotted the Pinus sylvestris Literati I styled in May this year.  LINK

I had planned to plant it into a slightly smaller pot, but that proved to be to much of a risk for this tree! So I (gladly) planted it into an old pot that used to belong to Saburo Kato. Years ago my friend Dany User, owner of the Ginkgo Bonsai Centre in Belgium, brought a couple of exclusive old pot’s back from his visit to Mr Kato’s Garden and I was lucky enough to be able to buy this wonderful pot from him! To think that this great master, whose work I so greatly admire, might have used this pot under need some of his own trees in the past, makes this pot just that bit more special to me!

26-8-2009 013 Hans van Meer

Just look how ingeniously they made anchor point on the bottom of the pot to run your wire trough. So you are able to firmly secure your tree to this shallow pot.

26-8-2009 016 Hans van Meer

Close up of one of those handy anchor points in the pot. In this way no wires have to run under need the pot, that would look ugly and make the pot unstable! Clever isn’t it!

  26-8-2009 010 hans van Meer

After 4 years in this pot, the tree had grown a pot full of healthy looking roots, covered with the all-important Mycorrhizal fungi. I saved as much as possible of this white gold to mix into the new soil mixture, to help the tree’s recovery!

         26-8-2009 020 Hans van Meer

The tree in his new home. The piece of wood you see at the base of the tree is placed there to push and hold the tree more forward. The tree is not exactly in the position that I would have preferred, but it is close enough for now. I had to keep the health of this tree in mind! From now on this tree’s roots, will have 3 seasons to grow into the shape of this new pot, then at the next repotting it will be much easier for me to cut some roots and plant it a bit deeper,  just the way I want it!  I think that in the future this Literati Pine is going to look pretty cool in this pot! It proves that even out off not the best possible material in the world, you can still make a pleasing looking Bonsai!

Next Sunday I will repot the “SWAN” into its new pot that I bought 2 day’s ago at Lodders Bonsai centre. I can’t wait to see if he will fit into it! I’ll keep you all posted!







  1. Vans,

    I am very fond you your work and styling. And this pine will surely turn into a fine specimen some day.



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