Hi, everybody,

in the next couple of pictures, you can see an impression of the styling proses of this Pine.

26-27-05-2009-004-hans-van-meer1   26-27-05-2009-003-hans-van-meer1

Left: After a lot of turning and tilting, I selected this as the future front for the tree. Most of the flows are hidden from this side and the good point, like the Shari and the nice bark, are highlighted. I tilted the tree to the left and towards the viewer, to give it more movement and interest. The only problem with choosing this as a front is that the future top is growing in the opposite direction, away from the viewer.

Right: Back side of the tree.

24-05-2009-020-hans-van-meer1    24-05-2009-025-hans-van-meer

Left: Here you can see the beautiful old bark on the trunk and right side branch. Because of the small Shari’s on this old branch, the bending to bring it into its position must be done very carefully!

Right: Point A is the selected front. As you can see from point B, that section grows almost in the opposite direction. The old branch with the Shari is wired in such a way,  that the wire covers more branch, to prevent it from breaking!

26-27-05-2009-029-hans-van-meer    26-27-05-2009-035-hans-van-meer

Left: The top section is protected with a tight layer of wet raffia. Then 4 pieces of copper wire are placed along it lengthwise.

Right: Than another layer of wet raffia is applied tightly. And then finally a layer of normal copper wiring is applied! The 4 long pieces of wire that stick out from under the end of the raffia are used to wire the rest of the thicker branches of the top.

26-27-05-2009-038-hans-van-meer 26-27-05-2009-041-hans-van-meer1 26-27-05-2009-044-hans-van-meer1

In the above sequence, you can see the top moving slowly toward the new front. This was done very carefully, without any hast!


The final styling for now. I know that in my drawing I converted the right branch into a Jin, but for now, I decided to leave it on. It fits better into the design than I had expected, so I will see how it fits into the overall design after a couple of years. I can always cut it off later. There is no rush! It has become a bit of a strange design, balancing on the edge of dis balance.  The branch placement and the length of some are also not common. But that is what makes this design interesting to me and I hope to the viewer as well!? The new movement of this tree and branches can be better appreciated in real life. For now, I am pleased with the outcome of the image for this difficult tree. And I hope that in a few years the tree is more presentable as a representation of an old and battered mountain Pine that I admired so much while walking through the European Alps! I also hope that this styling has proven again that you can make an interesting Bonsai from not the obvious and best material in the world! There is beauty to be found in almost everything!

Hope you enjoyed this styling session?

Hans van Meer.




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