Hi, everybody,

for the last couple of day’s, I have been working on one of my Pinus sylvestris Yamadori I collected in the Austrian Alps. The long hanging branches on this small tree, remind me of the large and tall trees I saw while walking through those wonderful mountains there! But to realise that vision into this tree, was and is not that simple! Although the tree has some nice features, like old looking bark and two old Shari on the trunk, overall this tree has really a lot of problems that need to be solved or incorporated into the future Bonsai design! Just like I like it the best! I spent hours just looking at all the possibilities, looking for something exciting and beautiful in the material. And then it hit me, so as always I made a quick drawing of the design I  discovered in the tree! As a blue print for my mind!

I will show pictures of the end result in a few days. First, some more puzzling needs to be done.



Hans van Meer.



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