Hi, everybody,

today I removed some wire from this small “Hawthorn” (below) before it would dig into these delicate new branches. I shortened and removed branches were necessary. If you wait too long, the branches will have grown, too long and thick, to use in a small tree design like this. I am really happy with the fast progress this little tree made in just 3 years after I collected it in Wales. Hope you like it so far!?


Hans van Meer.






  1. Hi, Hans

    What kind of fertilizer do you use for hawthorns and tell me please something about ‘substrat’ in which you put the yamadories.
    Thank you very much.
    Have a nice day.


    1. Hi Marco,
      I use mainly AKADAMA, KIRYU, and BIMS (pumice from Germany). This BIMS is very light as well, but holds just that bit more water than the other two. Although “Hawthorns” are not real fussy, they do like water, but dont like wet feeds for to long.
      I really use any good fertilizer I can get my hands on. The Bonsai products and Fertilizer of “SUMO”, from France, I like to use the most. But any other good fertilizer will do just fine! As long as you use a soil mixture that drains well, you cant do much harm with any proper fertilizer, just dont over or under do it!
      Hope this help a bit!
      Hans van Meer.


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