Hi, everybody,

here are some pictures I shot during the “NOELANDERS TROPHY X” last weekend.

The above picture of the winning tree, an Acer buergerianum by Udo Fischer from Germany, is courtesy of my friend Andy “stone monkey” Pearson.


Above: My Mugo Yamadori. Although the current pot is too big and will be replaced by a smaller one in the near future, I do feel that “BIG RON” looked pretty good during this show! This old Mugo Pine can only be repotted into a smaller and more suitable pot when in the future there are enough new small roots. Then I can safely remove a bit more of the large root clump that is hidden under the ground! For now “BIG RON” will be left alone for a few years to grow and mature, he deserves it! 🙂

Above: I was proud to finally be able to show my Chamaecyparis obtusa that I have worked on for so many years. Although it is an imaginary tree, Chama’s don’t grow into this style of a tree or any kind of tree for that matter, I do feel that it’s image of an old and bettered tall spruce-fir like tree is believable. To take full advantage of the lovely fan-like shape of this kind of foliage, I styled it not too strict. The wild foliage together with the many different shades of green creates the feel and image of a tree in the distance. This tree has come a long way indeed!

Above: Resident photographer, W. Evenepoel hard at work to shoot a bird’s eye view picture for the commemorative book of this anniversary edition.


Above: 4 stupid Bonsai friends in Belgium. Left to right, Ed van der Reek, Me, Jeroen Huivenaar and last but not least a close-up view of Rune Kyrdalen.



Hans van Meer.




8 thoughts on “NOELANDERS TROPHY 2009.”

  1. Hi Hans

    Thanks so much for the company on Saturday Evening at the dinner. Your trees were great and I loved the Chaemacyparis. Big Ron is a great tree, heavy too after lifting it with Tony, however I do agree with you about the size of the pot. A smaller one will definalty make Ron look even bigger.

    All the best mate and see you soon



  2. Hi Any,
    you are always more than welcome at my table!:) It won’t get you any further in your Bonsai career, but we sure as hell have a lot of honest friendly fun! See you soon my friend!


  3. Hi Louis,
    that is great to hear! I consider that a great compliment, because that’s what Bonsai is to me, evoking feelings and making the mind drift off to known or imaginary places! Thanks you and I am glad you enjoy the image of this tree! 🙂


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