My first real job in “Plaswijk Park” Rotterdam.

Way back in the early seventies, I must have been around 12 years old when my niece took me to the “Plaswijk park” that was and still is in another side of Rotterdam where I used to live. This beautiful old large amusement/nature park was home to several animals like monkeys, kangaroos, births and horses that children could ride around an U shaped parkour for 10 cents. There was a space tower overlooking on one side the park and on the other side the boats on the lake and the islands that surrounded it for a large part. You could take a trip on a longboat to see those lakes or hire a rowing boat to do the same. And it was home to one of the largest playgrounds I had ever seen! With crazy dangerous attractions that would not pass any safety check these days! And there was a very old “mary go round” and several typical “Dutch” restaurants with Patat (chips, fries) with mayonnaise or Poffertjes (small pancakes) with melting butter and powdered sugar on top! MMMMmmm!! Needless to say that I had a great day and was even allowed to visit the stables and to help with walking around the track with the ponies! After that visit, I went back many a time to help and play and had many greasy adventures with many human and animal friends there! Later I even had my first paid work there renting out the rowing boots or running the box office of the “Maze”, where I use to show pretty girls the way out for a kiss! šŸ˜
But the best part of it all was the interaction and helping taking care of the many animals that lived there!
The often amazing adventures that I had in the “Plaswijkpark” were and still are a great lesson in friendships human and animal alikeā€¦it certainly was one of the best and important times in my life! This park fired a life long love for animals, nature and pretty girls!šŸ˜‰

These next few pictures where originally made in 1974 by my dear Father who I proudly showed around the park. Some time ago my big Sister Hennie restored these next pictures from those original old slides.Ā šŸ˜˜Below: me aged 13 with “Lorre” one of several parrots that lived in the park.Ā 

Below: with “Sjacko” the cheeky little capuchin monkey.

Below: always going for the hair!

Below: with my dear old girlfriend “Anja” the Baboon.Ā She was so lonely all by herself and was so thankful for any attention…that is to the right person! šŸ˜ She could flee me (carefully scrapping off little pieces of skin) for as long as I sat with her!šŸ„°

The often amazing adventures that I had in the “Plaswijkpark” (Rotterdam) were and still are a great lesson in friendships, human and animal alikeā€¦it certainly was one of the best and important times of my life! Thanks, Sis!!!


Hans van Meer.

So now and here we start all over again!!!

Hi everybody,

yes, I know it is all a bit confusing me changing between my old and this my new blog! But I was pretty glad that I kept this one running after the old blog that was kindly provided and run for me by the KoB (Knowledge of Bonsai) Forum became unreachable and appears to be hacked?! And I can’t seem to get anybody to respond from there through their website that is still running…but no reply?! Luckily I had a WordPress XML file made of all the content of my old blog when it reappeared the first time it went of air for months! So after some surfing on the web to find out just how to get this huge file on to my new blog and would you believe…I managed to do it…without breaking anything!šŸ„‚šŸ¾šŸ‘ Mind you though, I still have to organize everything so that my storeys are easy to find for everybody! I do realize that it will take many months before my old visitors will all have found this new location! But I have stories to tell and can’t wait any longer! So I will be back soon with the story of my Big Larch” the Elephant” trip to the amazing 20Th edition of the TROPHY in Belgium! So watch this space and forgive me for the work that is going on meanwhile!


Hans van Meer.


Hi everybody,

and welcome to my all new Bonsai blog! It now is almost a week ago that I came back all happy from my Bonsai trip to beautiful Slovenia all ready to post about it all, only to find out that my compleat blog had disapeared from the web, without any prior warning what so ever?! More than a decade of Bonsai adventures history gone without a trace?! After a day of frantic work, I managed with some help to find a site that had saved some 30 % of my latest posts that I will have to cut and past back here on to my new blog! That will be don in the next few weeks…so at least some of the posts about my Bonsai adventures are saved! So that is good news after all! New posts about my Bonsai trips to Slovenia were I did a workshop and a demo, my visit to the Kei Bonsai Kai Bonsai show in Belgium where I entered my “Elephant” and other Bonsai stuff will be posted soon on this my new blog…so watch this space!!! For now, I would proudly like to show to you a video of my “Elephant” Larch that was kindly made byĀ Evoluzione BonsaiĀ Ā  . I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do! Thanks, Rodolfo!!!



Hans van Meer,



#metree :)

# metree: This is an open apology to whomever it may concern. I have to shamefully confessĀ that over my past 27 years in Bonsai I have without asking their explicitĀ permission have defoliated many defenceless trees against their will. I am deeply ashamed of this cruel and inappropriate behaviour and I am willing to face all the consequences that will follow becauseĀ of this confession.

Hans van Meer. šŸ™‚



Hi, everybody,

over the last week, I have been busy looking over all my posts here on my blog if there where pictures missing and for poor grammar and spelling. I have found almost all missing pictures and reinstalled them back into the story’sĀ and while I was at it I enlarged all the pictures as well for better viewing! It was fun to reread all my old posts again and it made me decideĀ to repost a few interesting ones again. Over the lastĀ weeks, I have been preparing a lot of my Bonsai and a couple of them found new happy owners and homes. Over the lastĀ month, I did a few workshops and a fun private first styling session that I filmed to be posted on to youtube after the second and last styling session in a couple of weeks is don. I am very happy to say that there are some future workshops and demo’s planned abroad for early summer next year and I am preparing one of my Bonsai for the next Noelanders trophy (B) in January and two other Bonsai for the second edition of the ā€œKEI BONSAI KAIā€ ten and ten ā€œDANNY USE & FRIENDSā€ on 26 of May in ā€œGINKGOā€ Bonsai centre in Laarne Belgium!!! This mega “Ginkgo” show will be completelyĀ filmed again by me, with a much better cameraĀ this time… so watch this space! So things are rollingĀ again and that makes me more than happy! šŸ™‚ Thanks all for visiting my blog all these years, it is highly appreciated! šŸ™‚


Hans van Meer.



A must see video from BonsaiTalk for all the people with the wrong idea about collecting Yamadori!!!


A must see video for all the people with the wrong idea about collecting Yamadori!

Well, don BonsaiTalk!


Hans van Meer.



Hi, again everybody,

I know it is off topic….but I have to show you just how special FEYENOORD FANS and people from ROTTERDAM ARE! 150.000 supporters in front of our City Hall that waited since early in the morning and another 50.000+ that were watching it on big screensĀ aroundĀ the city, gave their heroes and the TROPHY a welcome they will never forget….and neitherĀ will we watching it live on the TV!!! Lee Towers sang our anthem “YOU NEVER WALK ALONE” and then 200.000 fans jumped on the booming sounds of happy hardcore, gabber and hardcore another great thing invented in Rotterdam! This was unique in Holland and I do believe that it is unique in the world of sport?! EspeciallyĀ if you realizeĀ that Holland is not that big a country! Ā I hope you enjoy the amazing images and forgive me that it is for once not about Bonsai?!

Thanks for letting me share this unique moment with you! This was a great moment of brotherhood and friendship in these difficult times that we live in and I just wanted to share this positive moment with you all!


Hans van Meer.



Hi, everybody,

I am a lifelong fan of the only real soccer club of Rotterdam, FEYENOORD!!! And today my dream of them winning the Dutch championship once again, after waiting for it for 18 years, came finally trough!!! They were number one from day one of the competitionĀ and won the trophy today on the last day of the competition! Winning 3-1 on their home ground, the famous soccer stadium theĀ “KUIP” that is located on the south side of Rotterdam. Our hero, old timer Dirk Kuit scored all goals…and then Rotterdam exploded!!! 45.000+ fansĀ in de “KUIP” , 5000 fans in the indoor stadium “Ahoy” , that were watching it live on an enormous screen and in the centre of Rotterdam, in front of the city hall, the long “Stadhuis plein” square, were a lot of pubs are locatedĀ  was transformed toĀ one big in an outdoor party centre. With severalĀ enormous screens so thatĀ 10.000+ fans could watch the game and get pissed!!! After they won, the party started for real and the city centre fountain and the normally busy roads around it were taken over by a few hundred partying fans!!!

See what happened at the “stadhuis plein” (city hall square), when the first goal was made after less than 1 minute by Dirk Kuit!!! (this is where I use to be a DJ for many years)!

And the 2-0 by Dirk Kuit as seen from an another point….brilliant!!!


Ā Ā 

What a great day for my hometown Rotterdam that I love so much and for all the Feyenoord fans that were so loyal for all those waiting years!!! A truly happy day indeed!!!


Pictures of my small Yamadori Hawthorn and a Tip.

Hi, everybody,

last week I made some pictures of my small Hawthorn YamadoriĀ that I collected many years ago with dear friends Tony Tickle and Terry FosterĀ in Wales. Up to now it is almost always shownĀ on the web and in showsĀ without any foliage….so here it finally is with its Summer foliage!

4-7-2016 kleine meidoorn 172 hans van meer 500And a close up of its nicely ageing bark.

4-7-2016 kleine meidoorn 173 hans van meer 500

Below: I know that just like me many of you use different kinds of plastic tubs or pots for your pre Bonsai! Most of those containers have some sort of rim around it on top! When we need to secure a resent potted plant or tree in one of these containers or when we need to pull down a branch with wire, we have a problem! That is then solved by making some holes in those rims with scissors, knives or power drillĀ to run the wires through and secure! This is often hard work that needs to be done in exactly the right place to work and it means most times that this container can be used a second time because it is weakened! Well here is a simple solution that prevents this and makes it possible to adjust the wire when needed! Cut a 3MM up to 5MM (old piece) of wire to length and with a plier bent it like in the picture below! Secure your (in this case copper) wire to it as close to the needed length and secure it! Now if your wire is too short or too long and your branch needs to be bend more or less, just slide the hook you have made to the left or right side! Simple but effective! And those hooks are reusable so handy in your toolbox when you need them the next time!

7-7-2016 XL hans van meer 153 org 500Below: this is how it works! More bend to the left! Less bend to the right! And no harm to the container!

7-7-2016 XL hans van meer 169 org 500

I hope you like the pictures of my Hawthorn and thatĀ this is a helpful tip you can useĀ some time?!


HansĀ van Meer.