Deadwood spiral on my old Hawthorn.

Now that I can’t work for long on my trees anymore and have to sit down for a while when my knees and back give in again! I find that I have much more time to really, really look at my trees and try to enjoy them as if I would see them for the very first time! More annalistic and aware! I most often do that while taking pictures and then end up completely overlooking all details and the whole of those details, the Bonsai! Doing so I got stroked again by the upwards-twirling old deadwood (Shari) and the beautifully aged bark with all its cracks! The Shari at the right top of this picture was made over 25 years ago and was during that time bleached several times with Lime sulphur with a few drupes black inked added to leave more of a greyish white after it did its bleaching work! But it still those not have the right greyish/white colour that the twirling old natural Shari has! So I shall have to bleach it again and again until it has the right colour!

Below: That’s how old Hawthorn bark and deadwood (Shari) look!

Below: She looks a bit top-heavy with all those red berries and the old cell phone those do not help much in this case either! 😉


Hope you enjoyed these quickly-made pictures of my baby and forgive me for the poor quality?!

Hans van Meer.

2 thoughts on “Deadwood spiral on my old Hawthorn.”

  1. Dear Hans,
    I’m so happy for you that you’ve found a passion. The trees look awesome. Sorry to hear you’ve got back problems. But keep the spirit going and don’t let it get you down.


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