In memory of my dear old Bonsai friend Serge Clement.

This morning I received a heart-breaking mail that my dear old Swiss Bonsai friend Serge Clement passed away. This friendly and gentle giant was an excellent Bonsai artist and demonstrator and one of the best Yamadori collectors I know! But above all a dear Bonsai friend! My big yamadori Larch (the Elephant) was many years ago collected by Serge in Switzerland! I made the below picture of him together with his amazing demo tree that he created at the “Joy of Bonsai show 2010” in Bath (U.K). I have fun and happy memories of that event where we both were demonstrators. During the evening gala dinner, the English students kept asking him questions that I had to try to translate into German for him and then had to translate his answers back into English for them! This was the first time I had ever spoken German in my life, so it was a miracle that it was understandable for him! After this event, we had a nice long conversation at the airport while waiting for our plains! He was an amazing artist and a true Bonsai friend! Rest in peace, my friend.


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