My Acer palmatum deshojo in stunning red Autumn colours!

Hi everybody! My ribs and longs are still not healed from inhaling those Juniperus sabina pollen! So working on my trees is still out of the question because even breathing is still challenging and painful! But what I could do was make a cell phone picture of my Deshojo Palmatum in beautiful bright red autumn colours. Some 3 months ago I had to give her an emergency repotting because she had grown so much that she became potbound and her compact root ball had clocked all the holes in the pot! So much so that water could no longer run freely out of those blocked holes and that is something you should always prevent! So I freed her from the pot and then with a hook I carefully opened up the bottom part of those tightly tangled roots and cut them off. Then I planted her in this larger beautiful Isabelia pot with large holes in the bottom! Today a few months have passed and it’s clear that she suffered no ill effects from this emergency operation and is doing just fine! Although the pot is a bit too large for my taste…the shape and colour are a perfect match for her stunning red autumn colours! So I might let her grow a bit bigger or hope to find one with more or less the same shape and colour! She is the third Bonsai that I ever bought and has been with me since January 1990. Since then she has doubled in size! Height 68 cm / 27inch. Pot: Isabelia. Import from Japan. I hope you like her as much as I do?!

Cheers and stay safe,
Hans van Meer.

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