A warm Bonsai welcome to my Bonsai friends.

A few weeks ago I had a long-awaited visit from my friend and student Diederick and his wife Miek Bovenlander. I spent a warm afternoon making sure that my trees were displayed as good as possible in the little space that I have in my small city garden! And I made a quick welcome display in my living room with (this time) one of my mid-sized Hawthorns and a pool stone that I found during my visit to Denmark. The background poster I had made of a picture that I shot during my visit to the amazing Japanese hill garden in Portland Oregon. I worked it over with my paint program to make it look like an oil painting! On the right side, you can see the famous Dutch pink cakes!👌 They liked the welcome and it proved to be a proper start to a fun and fruitful Bonsai day with friends!


Hans van Meer.

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