A beautiful (unknown) flowering Weed!?

Below: it must have been 3 or 4 years ago that I noticed a small fern-like weed that was growing in between the gravel stones hidden underneath a long table full of Bonsai! So I carefully duck it up and planted it in the pot where it still lives today. And then this Spring a very thin stem started to grow and grow and bundles of small white buds started to form around the top of that still-growing stem! And even strong winds that battered it could not break or even bend it?! And then after a few weeks, all the flowers opened and an amazing perfume filled my working/foto aria! So I looked up some stuff to make this quick composition with…why you might ask? Well because I like to do this… it is a quick creating fix! The water stone on the left I found some 20 years ago on a beach in Denmark when I was there to do a demo and a workshop.

Below: This is a poor Cell phone picture and I just could not get the brightness of the reflecting flower petals down enough! I removed the plant identifier from my phone so I don’t have a clue what this little weed/plant’s name is?! So if anybody out there knows it! Then please let me know?!

I hope you liked this little post about the silly things that make me happy?! Ow…and a weed is just a plant that nobody wants!


Hans van Meer.

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