Virgin (Yamadori) Mugo pine styling tip.

Fact: A Mugo pine hardly buds back on branches if there are no older needles left on them! They almost only bud back randomly against/next, strong and healthy older needles! So before you are thinking of styling your virgin Mugo material and plucking out/off older needles…you better start thinking about first promoting some back budding on the branches where you need new secondary and tertiary growth! On these (mother) branches you leave as many needles as possible to promote back budding and if you want to already wire these branches anyway…well with some extra care to avoid as much as possible to cruse those needles, well then you can still wire and bend those branches without much harm! By doing this you increase the chance of back budding enormously! Working this way for a few years or more you can promote back budding and thus the change to later shorten branches to where you now have new buds that later will become small new branches! Only then you can start thinking about removing older needles! But if you want more buds and the needles are still healthy and strong then leave them a growing season longer on there! Combining this method with pinching the strong candles will promote the change of new buds on thin branches big time!
Hans van Meer.

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