Video of my 2018 garden and trees shot by and with commentary from Mr Tony Tickle himself!

On the 9th of February 2018, the Monday after the Famous “Noelanders Trophy” in Belgium where I also showed one of my own trees. My dear (UK) friends Tony Tickle and Terry Foster came to visit our house on their way to their boat back to England that leaves from Europort (NL) only some 15 minutes from where we live. Like every year when they come we eat, laugh and most of all share Bonsai stories and gossip of course! And then it is: let’s SEE THE GARDEN and what you have been up to!!! It is always an honour to show my work to such great artists and knowledgeable friends like these two! And as always they are honest and when they like it…well then you can be sure you are on the right way! Like he usually those: Tony made a video of this small(10×5 meter 😎) Bonsai garden meeting that I only discovered and saw 2 days ago for the very first time! Oh and watch out for the moment where Tony shows the ramifications on one of my small hawthorns that has never been filmed from all sides before! So if you are interested to see my work from 4 years ago in my garden with English commentary from Tony himself! Then this is the link:

Have fun!

Hans van Meer.

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