Last pictures of my Fagus sylvatica Yamadori 5 trunk raft.

The still pre-Bonsai of this story was collected in 2012 by me and my dear Slovenian friends in the beautiful mountains of Slovenia. It was growing underneath a low-hanging branch of a very old and massive Beech. The leg of sunlight and the constant defoliation of the foliage and the young branches by deer and other grassers kept it this small! I can only guess how old it is?! During this past decade, I worked to get it to bud back lower on the trunk and branches to make it more compact and tree-like! It needs a nice shallow pot or even better: a slab and a few more years of fun work to get it to show worthy! But that now lies in the hands of my Bonsai friend Diederick who is buying it from me to at it to his own amazing Bonsai collection!

Above: Impressive close-up of the massive fused inner section of the raft!

Above: 5 trunk raft ( Ikadabuki). Height: 70cm / 27,5 Inch. Wide: 110cm / 43,5 Inch.

Hope you enjoyed this little story?!


Hans van Meer.

2 thoughts on “Last pictures of my Fagus sylvatica Yamadori 5 trunk raft.”

  1. It’s in good hands Hans.
    I will continue your dedicated effort and good work to make sure it will end where it belongs…. As part of one of the major shows


    1. I know my friend! 👍 And I am sure that with your determination and love for Bonsai that it will do just that! 🤞👌


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